Build Our House Committee Volunteer

This is a Build Our House Role: 

We need your help! Please consider enlisting in one of the committees below to help us make progress in each area below and spread out the work load. If you can lend us a hand, we will be in touch soon with future steps.


Building Committee

  • Determine the facility or location most appropriate for dedicated ice
  • Determine the costs associated with the acquisition of the land and facility
  • Determine the costs associated with the general build out of the facility
  • Create and implement a initial project budget
  • Coordinate with Funding Committee on Project Budget Needs
  • Oversee the building/land acquisition process

Membership Committee

  • Develop and implement plan for growing membership during Build Our House, and after opening of dedicated curling facility
  • Develop and implement membership cost strategy for Curl Troy
  • Develop relationships with community members to strengthen membership incentives and outreach
  • Develop partnerships with organizations aimed at growing membership
  • Develop membership goals and action plans for both before and after opening of dedicated curling facility
  • Coordinates with other committees with anticipated membership revenues

Operations Committee

  • Consider operational needs of the facility such as bar, food service, and bonspiel needs
  • Consider cost recovery options for utilization of facility during non-curling times and during curling season
  • Develop operating procedures and policies for the facility to include safety, security, cleaning, and maintenance

Funding Committee

  • Develop and implement a fundraising plan based on anticipated needs
  • Build relationships with the community to generate donation and sponsorship
  • Develop and implement a member donation or loan plan to maximize the flexibility our participants have to contribute
  • Develop and maintain a database of fundraising and sponsorship contacts that can be leveraged for this project and future needs and projects
  • Work with each committee to determine funding needs for the project

Ice Committee

  • Specify and implement equipment necessary to make dedicated curling ice
  • Develop relationships with ice makers and industry professionals to leverage during our campaign
  • Develop and implement ice making plan for facility opening to include timeline, volunteer needs, contractor needs, equipment and expendables
  • Develop and implement plan for implementing Funding Committees sponsorships on ice as needed
  • Develop and implement recruiting and training program for ice crew in dedicated facility