2017 SuperFriendly


301 W Main St, Springfield, OH 45504




May 20th, 2017

7-10am - Ice Prep

10am - Draw A1 (Regular Game)

11:30am - Draw B1 (Regular Game)

2:00pm - Draw A2 (Skins Game)

3:30pm - Draw B2 (Skins Game)

6:00pm - Draw A3 (Skins Game)

7:30pm - Draw B3 (Skins Game)

Lunch is served from 12pm to 1:30

Dinner is served from 5pm to 6:30

***Game format subject to change


Team List

Teams are listed in no particular order, positions may be decided by team and may be rotated each game without restrictions.  Teams must throw the same order they start with for the entire game.

***Cincinnati Team lists will be provided at a later time.  Teams will be notified when the final teams are put together.

Draw A (First Game 10am)
Arena Teams

1A - Bruce Clingan, Aaron Prine, Jason Hillard, Paul Robinson

2A- Mike Harwat, Jason Reinhardt, Mike Lovano, Jim Jasinski

3A - Brody White, Mike McClain, Erich Knemeyer, Cindy Brausch-Knemeyer

4A - Chuck Newcomb, Dan Coviello, Mike Hardin, Deb Coviello

Dedicated Teams

1D - Larry Sharpe, Sheri Sharpe, Tyler Shwago, Karen Ruling

2D - Martha Lemert, Caleb Bennett, Glen Hopkins

3D - Bill Schroedl, Steve Vanness, Jeff Bockelman

4D - Steven Imes, Jason Connelly, Bob Baroni, Mikel Coulter

Draw B (First Game 11:30)
Arena Teams

5A - Bob Balarcek, Leo Kaplan, Jon Oehler, Patrick Connolly

6A - Matt Urbaniak, Eric Heinrich, Pat Reed, Brian Ressler

7A - Monique Penney, Anthony Goebel, Sarah Beale, Brandon Dunphy 

8A - Jonathan Penney, Phil Stafford, Erin Dunphy, Frank Loy

Dedicated Teams

5D - Ian Strong, Austin Carlson, Aaron Carlson, Peter Carlson

6D - Mel Capelli, Bianca Boney, Wendy Auckerman, Jessica Brewer

7D - Shawn Wall, Shawn Wall, Shawn Wall 

8D - Michael Pintar, Gail Verway, Calvin Chandler, Amy Veryway-Cohen


Rules and Points System

Regular Format Games

  • Regular traditional curling rules apply
  • Games will be 6 ends
    • Teams should aim to play 6 ends but games may be stopped early by the drawmaster after 1:30:00 of play
  • No Extra Ends or Tie Breakers
  • Points awarded as follows
    • Winning Team Receives 3 Points
    • Both Teams Receive .25 points for each point scored (Max 3 points per game)
    • Both Teams Receive .5 points for each end won
    • Blank end splits the end win points
    • Tie final score splits game win points
  • Maximum points awarded in a single game is 9


Skins Game Format

  • Traditional Skins Rules Apply 
  • Ends 1 and 2 are worth 1 point each
  • Ends 3 and 4 are worth 2 points each
  • Ends 5 and 6 are worth 3 points each
  • In order to earn end points the following criteria needs to be met
    • Team with hammer must score 2 points to earn end points
    • Team without hammer must steal to earn end points
  • If the end results in a blank or a force, that ends points are added to the next ends points
  • If a team wins an end hammer goes to the team who lost the end
  • If a no team wins the ends points hammer moves to non-hammer team after end
  • If 6th end results in no team winning end points remaining points will be divided between teams.
  • Maximum points awarded in a single game is 12