RiverScape League Coordinator

This is a Build Our House Role: 

Announcement for RiverScape League Coordinators

Have you caught the curling bug? Are you organized? Do you want to take a more active role in the Curl Troy club? If you answered yes to one or more of the previous questions, do we have an offer for you!

Curl Troy is looking for 2-3 people to run the RiverScape curling league and the Learn to Curl (LTC) sessions for the 2017-18 season. LTCs will begin in December 2017 and may run through February 2018. The RiverScape leagues will run January – February, 2018.

What does the position(s) entail? The RiverScape league and LTC coordinators work closely with members of CT and RiverScape to manage and coordinate the following:

-the timing and installation of the houses at RiverScape (November)

-manage the incoming league and LTC registrations (September-December)

-coordinate with CT marketing to inform the curling community the availability of open spots on the leagues (September-December)

-help form actual teams for those singles/doubles who don’t come pre-packaged as a team (November – December)

-stick the teams into a predetermined schedule (December)

-help track game scores for the league (January – February)

This position will also help determine with input from the RiverScape park managers the need to cancel games due to poor ice and then inform league members. There might also be some individual requests or questions to field along the way during registration and league play, such as finding subs.

What does it pay? Nothing beyond knowing you are instrumental in the success of the club, plus the glory of putting “RiverScape Coordinator” at the bottom of your email messages! You get to interact with the membership, learn the process of registration and league management, and spend quality time with certain members of the CT board and park managers at RiverScape!

And you will be personally trained and coached by the current RiverScape league coordinator (Jim Jasinski) to be proficient in all of these areas to ensure a smooth transition in 2018. Contact CT directly at info@curltroy.org if you have questions about the position. We look forward to our members fulfilling these important roles in our organization.