RiverScape MetroPark

RiverScape Metro Park has been partnered with Curl Troy since 2010, and offered it's first curling programming during the winter of 2011.  Seeing growth and excitement Curl Troy offered its first league in 2014 and expects to continue growth with RiverScape into the future.

RiverScape offers a very unique venue for curling.  The ice is located outdoors, but is sheltered above from the weather, and the ice is managed with refrigeration systems just as indoor ice is maintained.  Curling is somewhat weather dependant, but in most cases curling can occur even on warm days.  RiverScape offers a social area with tables and chairs just off the ice, and generally offers concessions throughout the night.

After curling at RiverScape we generally head over to Brixx Ice House, across from 5/3rd Field for some indoor food and beverage.

Leagues at RiverScape generally fill very quickly, and are social in nature.

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