Training Tips

Don't Overthink Ice Tracking

We play on some "special" ice surfaces to say the least, and we regularly have to play some considerably altered strategy to succeed in a game.  This is impossible to avoid, however we can't let it consume us from a strategy point of view.  Consider some of these tips for making the most of sometimes poor ice conditions:

  • Avoid automatically using the opposite handle - We use the opposite handle a lot, and sometimes it isn't avoidable, but it isn't always necessary.  Pay attention to how falls and ridges play both ways and use them to your advantage.  
  • Pay close
  • ...

What's the Best Strategy?

By far the most common question I get asked by new curlers, and even some of our more experienced curlers is "Whats the best strategy here".  Strategy is complex, and that is often a very difficult question to answer because of the ice conditions we play on.  Traditional strategies of play to the outside with the hammer and play the middle without the hammer don't work when there is a big ridge down the middle that allows anyone to hit anything, or a fall in the wings that means you can't play the 12 ft. or 8 ft. rings.  This causes skips to think sometimes a little too far outside the box...