2019 SuperFriendly

The 2019 Curl Troy SuperFriendly will be held on May 26th at NTPRD Chiller.  Cost is $200 per team or $50 per person.  Registration is mainly by team, however, we are leaving a few spots open for individual registration if you don't have a complete team.  Lunch and dinner will be provided as well as beverages throughout the day.  Again this year we will most likely not pull a liquor license because of cost considerations.  First draw will most likely be around 10am and we will alternate draws with each team playing 3 6 end games.  First draw will begin around 10am.



NTPRD Chiller

301 W Main St, Springfield, OH 45504


Rules and Points System

Regular Format Games

  • Regular traditional curling rules apply
  • Games will be 6 ends
    • Teams should aim to play 6 ends but games may be stopped early by the drawmaster after 1:30:00 of play
  • No Extra Ends or Tie Breakers
  • Points awarded as follows
    • Winning Team Receives 3 Points
    • Both Teams Receive .25 points for each point scored (Max 3 points per game)
    • Both Teams Receive .5 points for each end won
    • Blank end splits the end win points
    • Tie final score splits game win points
  • Maximum points awarded in a single game is 9


Skins Game Format

  • Traditional Skins Rules Apply 
  • Ends 1 and 2 are worth 1 point each
  • Ends 3 and 4 are worth 2 points each
  • Ends 5 and 6 are worth 3 points each
  • In order to earn end points the following criteria needs to be met
    • Team with hammer must score 2 points to earn end points
    • Team without hammer must steal to earn end points
  • If the end results in a blank or a force, that ends points are added to the next ends points
  • If a team wins an end hammer goes to the team who lost the end
  • If a no team wins the ends points hammer moves to non-hammer team after end
  • If 6th end results in no team winning end points remaining points will be divided between teams.
  • Maximum points awarded in a single game is 12