Curl Troy is a non-profit organization and operates under the guidelines of Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.   We accept donations both financial and physical.  Currently we are raising capital for growth in a couple of funds.  

Rock the Rocks!

Curl Troy would love your help Rocking the Rocks, and bringing more curling to the Miami Valley area.  Your contribution is used to help us repair and replace equipment, procure ice time for special programs, promote curling better throughout the Miami Valley, and help support our goal of building a dedicated curling facility in the Miami Valley. 

Your contribution can be directed towards specific programming, or goals some of examples of which are:

Curl Troy Programming Ideas

  • Youth Curling Program (Ages 5-12)
  • Juniors Curling Program (Ages 12-18)
  • Wheelchair Curling Program
  • High School Physical Education Curling Module
  • College Physical Education Curling Module
  • Curling for Scouts

Curl Troy Projects

  • Dedicated Curling Facility (Yes we know this is a big task, but we have a dream)
  • Stone Storage and Cooling Solutions
  • Curling Equipment Replacement
  • Broom Storage and Transport Solutions
  • RiverScape Rink Improvements (We would love to be able to help Five Rivers, they have been such a supporter of us)

Curling Stones

Our primary project right now is to acquire more sets of curling stones.  Currently Curl Troy owns 1 set of stones outright and is still making payments on two additional sets.  Because we are limited in stones, but curl in three different venues, additional stones beyond the three sets could allow us to expand, and will reduce wear and tear on equipment and members vehicles transporting stones to and from venues.

If you are interested in helping support Curl Troy in getting stones several Stone Sponsorship options exist.  You can learn more here.